About Brian and DesignB Studios

About Brian and DesignB Studios

Brian is a veteran business and marketing specialist, 36 years’ experience: retail, eCommerce, construction, scientific, b2b, b2c, non-profits. Brian is an expert in SEO and its relation to Google, Yahoo and Bing browsers as it relates to your website’s ranking. Below is a more detailed look at “About Brian and DesignB Studios.”

He has managed organizations with over 300 individuals, both fixed and variable operations and gross revenues in the 10’s of millions: successful in both high paced/high pressure B2C market as well as with a long-term B2B, long cycle, consultative sales.

Drawing from his experience while working as a business development manager for one of the largest web agencies in the non-profit sector, he now utilizes a team of the very best designers, developers and strategic consultants while implementing a business practice to optimize their experience and workflow. In turn, while other agencies continue to raise their prices to overcome mismanagement and in-the-box thinking, Brian provides clients of DesignB Studios with affordable, full, rich and feature packed solutions with a surprisingly fast turn-around.

Brian is hands-on with each project to assure his passion transfers to the task yet draws from a creative team which been involved with and managed hundreds of successful and dynamic web development projects for DesginB Studios; designers who have gained their experience at some of the largest agencies, having an outstanding and diverse portfolio, and relying on extremely capable developers. He also believes in drawing from the exceptional experience of top web and business strategists on nearly every project. Please read the top 50 Questions you should be asking Brian.

As an extension of Brian, DesignB Studios is not a yes-man agency. All aspects, from design, eCommerce, calls to action, communication and analytics stem from a strategic and well-informed approach.

Specialties: Business development for retail, eCommerce, social networks, construction, government, scientific, b2b, b2c, non-profits, ministries, churches and small to medium sized businesses and organizations